Queen discografie

Queen Queen II Sheer heart attack A night at the opera A day at the races News of the world Jazz the game flash gordon hot space the works a kind of magic  the miracle innuendo Made in heaven cosmos rocks


Live albums

live killers live magic wembley At the bowl live in Ukraine At the beeb A Night at the Odeon - Hammersmith 1975 Live at the Rainbow '74 Queen Rock Montreal Hungarian Rhapsody Live In Budapest 1986  Rock you from rio


Verzamel albums

greatset hits greatset hits 2 Queen+ platimun collection Absolute greatest queen rocks



Q u e e n

UK releases
1981 Greatest Flix
1984 We Will Rock You
1984 The Works EP
1985 Live In Rio
1987 Live In Budapest
1987 Bohemian Rhapsody
1987 The Magic Years (Vol 1,2 & 3)
1989 Rare Live
1989 The Miracle EP
1990 Queen At Wembley
1991 Greatest Flix II
1991 Box Of Flix
1992 Live At The Rainbow
1993 The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert
1995 Champions Of The World
1996 Made In Heaven – The Films
1998 Queen Rocks
1999 Greatest Flix III

non-UK releases
1982 Live In Japan
1984 Queen Collection – 15 Of The Best
1992 Classic Queen
1992 Greatest Hits
1992 Final Live In Japan
1998 Greatest Karaoke Flix

F r e d d i e M e r c u r y
1986 The Video EP
1987 The Great Pretender
1989 The Barcelona EP
2000 The Video Collection

B r i a n M a y
1994 Live At The Brixton Academy

R o g e r T a y l o r
1998 Live At The Cyberbarn

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