A day at the races

Tie Your Mother Down
You Take My Breath Away
Long Away
The Millionaire Waltz
You And I
Somebody To Love
White Man
Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy
Teo Torriatte (Let Us Cling Together)

Gereleased op 10 december 1976
Singel release:
– Somebody To Love- Tie Your Mother Down- Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy- Teo Torriatte- Long Away


10 gedachtes over “A day at the races

  1. 8) Ik zie op zoveel forum speculaties, dit is gewoon promoten van wwry. De muur waarin de gitaar gevonden word van Brian May in het jaar 2302.
    Stare-date:the future: real music is banned. computer genereted cyber idols have infested the charts.Its in the age of gaga.This is the story of the bohemian rebellion of 2302.The year of the rhapsody.The year that the ancient promise WWRY was fulfilled.

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