The Unblinking Eye via iTunes

Er is vraag naar de nieuwe single van Roger Taylor, was deze eerst alleen als single te koop via Queenonlineshop nu kan je deze ook via iTunes kopen.

Ook zal er een limited edition komen van dit nummer, het is te koop via de Queenonlineshop vanaf 4 januari 2010. Dreze limited edition zal 3 tracks bevatten waaronder een video, de tracklist ziet er als volgt uit…

  1. The Unblinking Eye (Everything Is Broken)
  2. The Unblinking Eye (Everything Is Broken) – Almost completely nude
  3. The Unblinking Eye (Everything Is Broken) – In the studio (Video)

Hier de persbericht….

ROGER TAYLOR: “The Unblinking Eye (Everything is Broken)”

Click here to order the Limited Edition CD through the QOL Store..

Roger Taylor has never been shy to speak his mind. While perhaps not so obvious in the multi-million selling hits he has written for Queen (although many consider “Radio Ga Ga” to be a Queen’s ‘statement’ song), Roger’s tell-it-as-you-see it perspective has become something of his trademark, both in the rare interviews he gives and defined in his solo work.

Revisit Taylor’s two last solo albums, “Happiness?” (1994) and “Electric Fire” (1998) and you are reminded of what an acute observational songwriter Taylor is at heart. Both works potently reflect Taylor’s personal views on such issues as national obsolescence, domestic violence, and poverty.

Taylor’s songs come across as contemporary reflections on life, often richly melancholic, with socially aware lyrics calling for justice, awareness and equality.

A quote from the time has Taylor saying: “We (pop stars) are people not androids. We’ve got views. I’ve got opinions and I don’t see why I shouldn’t use a bit of my art to put them over. I think music is one of the most powerful media forces in the world today.”

Twelve years have passed since Taylor last expressed himself so openly (with “Electric Fire”). Any thoughts that those passing years may have dulled Taylor’s sharp edge are immediately dispelled with the arrival (January 4) of a new solo single from Taylor, “The Unblinking Eye (Everything is Broken)”.

“What happened to the protest song?” Taylor’s liner notes for the new single ask, lamenting “music is now so polished, shiny and predictable, we have forgotten to try and ‘say something with it’.

“I am getting old and like everyone, have the right to say something about the ‘state of control’ we live under – powerless to do anything about it. “

So what riles Taylor enough to ruffle the now famous goatee and goad him sufficiently to want to go public with his concerns?

In what comes across as both frustration and bridled fury, Taylor’s song weighs into those elected to govern our everyday lives:

…”In case you hadn’t noticed…The high street is full of holes…We are fighting a pointless war which is killing our young soldiers and which we simply cannot afford….the nation is not only broke but utterly bankrupt…we are spied upon by 5 million cameras…We have thousands of petty rules and regulations – more than ever before – no wonder people are bewildered and confused…As a nation we own almost nothing including “our” water, electricity, gas, airspace and major manufacturers. Personal privacy is non-existent. We are directionless.

“I’m p*****d off – you should be too.”

Taylor is encouraging others sharing his feelings of frustration to similarly express themselves. The single “The Unblinking Eye (Everything is Broken)” will also carry a fully instrumental track Taylor has called “Almost Completely Nude” to provide a vehicle for others to write and perform their own protest song.

“You know who to send it to,” says Taylor.

“The Unblinking Eye (Everything is Broken)” released January 4.

Available at now for pre-order.

Click here to download The Unblinking Eye (Everything Is Broken) on iTunes.

P.S. Taylor’s active approach to issues of personal concern has not been confined to his music: when media mogul Rupert Murdoch made attempts to buy Manchester United football club, Taylor funded the club supporters in their attempts to block the sale, and historically helped them succeed.

Bron: Queenonline.


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