Unblinking Eye (Everything is Broken)

Unblinking_eye_roger_taylorZoals ik al eerder melde zal er een nieuwe single uitgebracht worden van Roger Taylor met de titel Unblinking Eye (Everything is Broken), de single zal dus uitgebracht worden maandag 23 november a.s.
De single is zoals al eerder gemeld een protestnummer over de bijdrage van de UK in de oorlog in Afganistan en zal alleen te koop zijn via de winkel van Queenonline.

In een officiele persbericht zegt Roger hetvolgende……

The Unblinking Eye (Everything Is Broken)

What happened to the protest song?

Music is now so polished, shiny and predictable, we have forgotten to try and “say something with it”

Iam getting old and like everyone, have the right to say something aboutthe “state of control” we live under – powerless to do anything aboutit.

In case you hadn’t noticed.

The high street is full of holes.

We are fighting a pointless actively negative war which is killing our young soldiers and which we simply cannot afford.

This war promotes and prolongs terrorism.

This is our Vietnam. Unwinnable. Pointless.

Weare taxed and retaxed while the nation is not only broke but utterlybankrupt, being propped up with tax payers money and money which issimply printed.

We are spied upon by 5 million cameras.

We have thousands of petty rules and regulations – more than ever before – no wonder people are bewildered and confused.

As a nation we own almost nothing including “our” water, electricity, gas, airspace and major manufacturers.

Personal privacy is non-existent.

We are directionless.

I’m pissed off – you should be too.

Happy days
Roger Taylor

Bron: Queenonline


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