1977 ‘News Of The World’ promo Robots – Where are they now???


Subject: 1977 ‘News Of The World’ promo Robots – Where are they now???

On BBC Radio 2 in the UK, there is a Sunday afternoon item called ‘Where Are They Now?’
This is for people trying to trace a long lost friend or ex-girlfriend/boyfriend, or a family member they’ve lost contact with. Details of where they once lived or worked are read out and then sometimes people are reunited. It’s a rather nice concept.

Anyway… I was thinking that perhaps in the I WANT IT ALL! memorabilia book we could do a NOTW Robots Where Are They Now. I mean of course those wonderful old grey (person size) promotional robots of 1977.

I would love to hear from anyone who has a robot, no matter what condition. Great, bad, terrible, battered to Hell!!!

Where did they all end up?? What are they doing now?? How many ended up in dustbins, attics, garages, sheds, married, divorced, in prison, on bonfires, or in the old promotional shop in the sky??

Even if you know where one ended up but you don’t have it now, it would be good to know.  But most of all I’d like a photo or two of the surviving robots, and details of their location. I’d also like to know how and where you obtained them.

Brian May has one, my friend in Holland has one, and a guy in Belgium was selling a FAB condition one a few years ago.

Please write to me with your Robot updates, photos, to gb.queen_archive@btinternet.com    Please title your email NOTW ROBOT, otherwise it will be filtered away by my spam filter.

HERE IS A LINK TO SEE ONE OF THE ROBOTS… courtesy of the German Fan Club.   http://www.queenfcg.de/forumneu/viewtopic.php?t=3087


Greg Brooks (Queen Archivist)

Dus heb je deze robot neem even contact op met Greg Brooks hij en Queen zal er heel blij mee zijn.


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