Q+PR tour 2008???

"We are planing a tour for 2008, which should start not too far from here"

Zal het er toch van komen?? een tournee in 2008 en dus ook een nieuwe cd van Queen.
Oke dan zonder Freddie en John maar dat deert de pret even niet.

Het volgende is in een persconferentie verteld tijdens de premiere van de musical "We Will Rock You" in Wenen.

THOMAS ZEIDLER: There’s one more for Brian. We will have the Musical here from January on. When will we see the band Queen, live in the Stadthalle again?

BRIAN MAY: Ooh, that’s a very good question. I don’t know. We’ve been having a very good time in the studio with Paul Rodgers and we’ve done 3 sessions so far, each of them about a month in length and we have a lot of songs – not finished, but very well on and we’re very happy with them. We haven’t told anybody this yet. And we have entertained the idea of doing some shows next year. I don’t think I’m going to say any more than but we’re definitely looking at some live shows and probably we would start around Europe, probably not too far from Vienna. [audience laughter] I can’t say for definite, but it’s definitely on our minds. Am I right?

ROGER TAYLOR: Yep… as usual. [audience laughter] … as far as I know. That’s what we’re still thinking of. The record is coming fantastically well and we’re very excited about actually doing something new. It’s been a very long time since Queen, this grand, have done something which is new product and it’s thrilling to be sort of creatively active in that sense again. We hope to see you maybe some time next year.

Maar dat is nog niet alles, die zelfde Thomas Zeidler poste hetvolgende op het forum van Queenzone…

BREAKING NEWS: Queen & Paul Rogers Tour to hit Europe as early as Spring 08

Got this just confirmed by Local Concert Promoters who are booking the Venue for the Vienna Show within the next days!

Maar dat is niet alles ook Radio Veronica berichte ook al over een tournee in 2008 als promotie van de nieuwe cd.

Een van de mogelijke lokaties zal dus het Stadthalle zijn in Wenen met een capaciteit van 11.000 toeschouwers.

Dus mensen het wordt sparen geblazen, meer nieuws volgt.


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