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Het volgende stond te lezen op Queenonline.

Press Conference + Tour Dates etc…

This turned up on the forum.Monty, who had apparently spoken to Val at the fan club, said:This is NOT set in stone and can be subject to change. In a few days, we’ll get the all-important e-mail from Queenonline. Everything will be confirmed by the 19th for the fans and there will be a press conference on the 24th! Queen will play five or six dates in the UK but I don’t know about the rest of Europe, I’m afraid. You will be given a number to ring (ticketmaster, i think) and you will need to quote your Queen Fan Club number or Queenonline number. It is RUMOURED that these gigs will have a standing area.

The venues are not small but more akin to arena’s. i don’t know when they hit the UK but, as you know, it’ll probably be April. Could be as early as late March for that one, I’m only summising.Ed: By “queenonline number”, i believe that the number will be sent to people who have subscribed to Queenonline’s newsletter. Make sure you have.

Bron: forum

Dus op 19 januari wordt het een en ander uitgelegd over de aankomende tour.Ben benieuwd waar en wanneer men naar Nederland zal komen en hoeveel concerten en hier gespeeld zal worden.


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