Queen statistiek

Total number of Queen concerts -703 (first four categories)16 concerts in 1970-1971 without John Deacon 685 concerts with John Deacon

improvised concert after shooting of WATC – 6.10.1977 Live Aid performance (20 minutes only) – 13.7.1985 + 3 mimed festivals (Montreux 1984 + 1986, San Remo 1984) + improvised gigs at parties (for example Live At Wembley afterparty with Samantha Fox) Largest audience 12.01.1985 Rio De Janeiro, Brazil (250000 people) 18.09.1976 Hyde Park, London, UK (150000 – 200000 people) 20.03.1981 Sao Paulo, Brazil (131000 people) 09.08.1986 Knebworth, UK (120000 people officially + much more unofficially) Smallest audience 28.01.1972 Bedford College, London, UK (6 people) Countries where Queen played the most concerts USA (249 concerts) UK (200 concerts) Germany (55 concerts) Japan (51 concerts) Countries with the best (most devoted) Queen fans (my opinion) Holland Germany Italy Japan UK Most frequently played songs (my estimate only, it’s difficult to count Now I’m Here (580-590 concerts) Bohemian Rhapsody (over 500 concerts) Keep Yourself Alive (480-490 concerts) Killer Queen (over 430 concerts) Each song counts max. once per concert (so for example WWRY slow and WWRY fast count as 1 song only) Least frequently played songs Sleeping On The Sidewalk (once) Jesus (only a couple times in 1971-1972) The Night Comes Down (only a couple times in 1971-1972) Bron:Deze gegevens heb ik gevonden op de meest complete internetpagina die er over Queen te vinden is, die gemaakt is door een fan namelijk Mr Scully.Het is echt een aanrader om deze pagina te bekijken.Klik op de foto.


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